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Glenn Maxwell’s exceptional form stands as a testament to his resilience amid a streak of injuries, misfortunes, and self-imposed challenges.

While excelling in ODIs and T20Is, the versatile all-rounder, Glenn Maxwell, has been granted limited opportunities to showcase his skills for Australia in Test cricket.

Since Glenn Maxwell’s memorable appearance in Delhi last October during the World Cup, he has delivered remarkable performances for Australia in five ODIs and four T20Is. His record of nine innings, four not outs, four centuries, and a staggering 597 runs at an average of 119, accompanied by a striking rate of 186, highlights his extraordinary form. His recent innings, particularly his 120 from 55 balls against West Indies in Adelaide, stands out as a masterpiece.

Even for a player known for blending batting with circus-like flair, his current streak is beyond realistic. What makes it more incredible is the context, as each high point emerged from a low that would have seemed insurmountable. Just over a year ago, he suffered a severe leg injury that cast doubt on his professional career, lingering setbacks up to the World Cup, and persisting troubles.

His journey to this prolific phase began with a lack of confidence in his body, a handful of scattered games, no significant runs, and a golden duck in his last appearance. Yet, in the World Cup group game against Netherlands, he achieved the fastest century in World Cup history with 201 not out. Shortly after, a fall on a golf course split his scalp open, resulting in concussion, a week’s absence, and accusations of recklessness. He rebounded with an epic 201 not out against Afghanistan, overcoming cramping that hampered him for weeks.

Despite a second mishap on the golf course due to dehydration, Maxwell continues to defy expectations. His recent innings in Adelaide showcased typical Maxwell frustration turning into perfection, marked by eight sixes and impeccable timing. His ability to adapt and innovate, whether playing on the back foot, baseball-style, or executing a switch-hit, adds a unique dimension to his game.

While T20I hundreds are rare, Maxwell’s five centuries put him in exclusive company alongside Rohit Sharma. The fact that Maxwell has never been given a proper chance in Test cricket remains a glaring omission. Despite being in the best form of his career at 35, the courage and imagination of past selectors are questioned for not exploring Maxwell’s potential in the longer format. Although the current setup supports Maxwell unequivocally, envisioning that backing extending to Test cricket over a couple of years raises intriguing possibilities for this multifaceted talent.

Maxwell’s cricketing journey, marked by resilience and adaptability, paints a portrait of a player who thrives in the face of adversity. His recent surge in limited-overs cricket not only defies statistical norms but also underscores his ability to transform setbacks into spectacular comebacks.

A little over a year ago, a severe leg injury threatened to derail Maxwell’s career. The doubts surrounding his professional future loomed large. Yet, true to his nature, He rebounded with unparalleled determination. The World Cup became a canvas for his redemption, culminating in a historic century against Netherlands, a remarkable feat given his previous struggles.

Even off the field, Maxwell’s resilience shines through. A fall on a golf course resulting in a split scalp and accusations of recklessness became just another chapter in his narrative. He returned with an epic innings against Afghanistan, displaying mental fortitude amid physical challenges.

Maxwell’s recent innings against West Indies in Adelaide encapsulated the essence of his playing style – frustration giving way to perfection. His eight sixes and impeccable timing showcased the wide range of strokes in his arsenal. Whether dispatching deliveries over backward square leg or effortlessly guiding the ball through backward point, Maxwell’s unorthodox yet effective methods leave opponents befuddled.

The rarity of T20I centuries places Maxwell in elite company, with only Rohit Sharma sharing the same count, albeit from more matches. However, the great anomaly in Maxwell’s career remains the absence of a significant stint in Test cricket, especially on home soil.

Despite the current setup providing unwavering support and encouragement, the fact that Maxwell hasn’t been given a proper chance in the longer format remains a puzzling aspect. At 35, Maxwell continues to play the best cricket of his life, leaving observers to ponder what he might achieve if given the opportunity to showcase his skills in the traditional format.

In a cricketing landscape that often emphasizes specialization, Maxwell’s ability to seamlessly transition between formats, his knack for turning adversity into triumph, and his continued hunger for success make him a unique and invaluable asset for Australian cricket. As he defies expectations and explores the zenith of his abilities, the prospect of Maxwell making a mark in Test cricket becomes an intriguing storyline that has yet to unfold.



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